NAPC's Winter Driving Playlist
You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your vehicle over the next week. Our staff has put together a winter driving playlist for you - but be warned, it’s less “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and more “I’m sick of driving and need some wicked music to pass the time.” We've even linked each song to iTunes to make it easier on you!
Leading The Way: What Does It Take To Be At The Top Of Your Game?
As many of you may know, my daughter is a competitive swimmer. She’s pretty damn good, and that’s not just proud dad talk. At age 11, she is currently #1 in the country for 50m breaststroke and holds several other top 5 rankings.
5 Simple Signs You May Need a New Transmission

Not sure if your transmission is about to go?  Are you having trouble with your transmission in Edmonton

Beware of these five simple signs that something may be wrong.

1. Are We There Yet?

Notice a delay when you shift from park into drive? If all is well with your transmission, the vehicle...

Relationship Selling – NAPC Dedicated to Earning Customer Trust
When it comes to making sales, business experts are familiar with many methods. Some of these methods are traditional and commonly used all over the world. On the other hand, every now and then, a brand is going to choose a path less traveled.
What it Takes to Be a Powertrain All-Star
In a world of endless choice, what makes NAPC the whole package? Here are 10 reasons why our loyal customer base continues to expand and why you should consider us for your next powertrain or performance auto parts purchase!
The Truth about Remanufactured, Rebuilt and Used Automotive Parts
There is often confusion around the differences between remanufactured, rebuilt and used auto parts. We are going to run you through a point form comparison, so you can spend the next five minutes of your time getting educated on why we are proud to be a remanufacturing facility!
8 Game Changers for Your Truck
With summer here we want to make your road trips are as easy as possible, that’s why we have compiled a list of our top selling products to maximize your truck’s reliability and performance. Read on to get an inside look at our hot items and a quick overview on what they can do for your truck.
3 Incredible Towing Essentials
Our NADP & NAPC experts have put together their thinking caps and created a quick list of 3 powerful products that will make this towing season a breeze. It’s time to start prepping your vehicle for your camping, off-roading, or whatever the warmer weather gets you doing. Get ready, get Heavy!
Hi from NAPC
Hi, Nice to Meet You! North American Powertrain Components has a wonderful family of loyal customers, but sometimes we forget to reintroduce ourselves to those who have been with us for years. We often hear “I didn’t know you did that!” So we want to take this opportunity to say “Hi” again, to give you a reminder of all we do here. It is our hope that in return, we get to know you a little better as well!
Road Rage Tips
Tis the season of road rage and poor driving conditions…did we say conditions, we meant decisions. Ever find yourself faced with the battle your two personalities “Mr. Civil” vs “Angry Bear”? Well, we have and fortunately learned some valuable lessons.