The Truth about Remanufactured, Rebuilt and Used Automotive Parts

There is often confusion around the differences between remanufactured, rebuilt and used auto parts. We are going to run you through a point form comparison, so you can spend the next five minutes of your time getting educated on why we are proud to be a remanufacturing facility!

What Makes it Reman?

Remanufactured means to make the entire automotive part as good as new or better.

  1. Completed to the standard of the Original Equipment or better
  2. Meticulous inspection of core material to adhere to OEM tolerances
  3. Replacement of all wearable and/or failure-prone components
  4. All replacement parts need to be of the same process and standard of any OEM parts
  5. Fastidious build process and strict standards yielding consistent product
  6. Often utilizes upgraded components to address common issues of failure within the automotive part
  7. Stripped down, cleaned, examined and 100% tested
  8. The final automotive part is completely re-engineered, improved and essentially indistinguishable from the new part

What Makes a Remanufacturing Facility Unique?

  1. State-of-the-art test and cleaning equipment
  2. Advanced engineering competency
  3. Certified technicians up-to-date in current build procedures

Let's Talk About Rebuilds

Serviced by cleaning and inspecting but only replacing worn and broken components.

  1. There are no universally agreed upon standards by which rebuilt automotive parts can be compared to one another or to new parts. Meaning some automotive parts may be serviced to functionality and others to OEM Spec.
  2. Parts are reused if they fit within “acceptable wear” parameters
  3. Quality of unit is inconsistent thus, warranty may be limited
  4. Shorter life expectancy when compared to remanufactured automotive parts
  5. Completely dependent on abilities, judgment and experience of the mechanic rebuilding

What Are Some Risks to Purchasing Rebuilds?

While rebuilt may be the less expensive option off the get go, in some instances wear and tear on components is not visible – ie hairline fractures and minor variances - hence, unsuitable parts may be reused. This may cause the automotive part to fail down the line, resulting in revisiting the entire process for purchasing used automotive components.

What About Used Auto Parts?

  1. Simply pulled from vehicles
  2. No standard for cleaning or inspection
  3. No standard process for replacing or repairing components
  4. Zero quality control on salvaged parts
  5. Often times transmissions of the same make and model share common parts failures. Therefore, a used automatic transmission may have a similar problem just around the corner.
  6. The history of the part is unknown as it may have been salvaged form a vehicle involved in an accident, high mileage etc.
  7. Basically one big scary question mark to stay away from

So, after all of that, the big difference between the three options for “non-new” automotive parts are the thoroughness of the process. A remanufactured automotive part; transmission, differential, torque converter etc, should match the integrity of the same part brand new and in many cases, be even better!

When it comes to automatic transmissions, it is a no brainer which option is the best bet. Choose a remanufactured automatic transmission every time. You don’t want to be stuck with a blown transmission more than once and because it is a labor intensive job, it is imperative to do it right the first time. The reason North American Powertrain Components is in business is to make sure your automotive part – be it a transmission, transfer case, differential, or torque converter – is built right and made to last. It really is that simple.

Food for thought

North American Powertrain offers an industry leading 3 Year/160,000KM (Non-Commercial) and 3 Year/100,000KM (Commercial & Heavy Hauler) Warranty. Our product is durable, reliable, and unparalleled, which is why we stand behind it 110%. Our one stop shop allows you to purchase automatic transmissions in Edmonton and get one installed all under one roof. We want to make your powertrain purchase as painless as possible!

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