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When it comes to making sales, business experts are familiar with many methods. Some of these methods are traditional and commonly used all over the world. On the other hand, every now and then, a brand is going to choose a path less traveled.

One of the less traditional methods for sales is relationship selling. Even as customers, we hardly focus on this aspect of making a buying decision. Relationship selling is a sales tactic that focuses on the relationship between the customer and sales person, unlike the traditional connection between the buyer and the features of the product.

Why Relationship Selling?

As we make developments in almost all the aspects of our life, business experts have also become more progressive. Organizations now pay more attention to what customers want and how to earn their trust and loyalty. This is quite different from the past when businesses were more focused on making a lot of sales.

Nowadays, strategy developers focus more on pulling customers towards the product or brand rather shoving the benefits of a product in their faces. Relationship selling is also part of such selling strategies. The modern opinion states that the more you know the people in the marketplace, the better chance you have of making sales.

Relationship selling focuses on authenticity, honesty and concern. These three traits are often neglected on part of the sellers and are a reason why certain customers won’t come back to make a repeat purchase.

Building Relationships

Developing relationships is a natural habit of the humans. It is a basic instinct. We feel comfortable with someone when we know them better. The same concept applies to the business world.

Ask any professional businessman and they will tell you how businesses thrive on networks of people. You know someone and that someone knows another. Eventually, you are creating a support group.

To many, the competition in the business world is quite evident. It is so consistent and ruthless that it is hard to hide. However, despite the competition in the market, brands to some extent depend on each other as well, regardless of being rivals or not.

The world is a global village and so our businesses have gone global as well. Someone in some part of the world is facing a certain problem and a certain product is a solution. They are going to seek the solution and through people or similar network, they end up at your door because you sell it. This means that you are not seeking sales out there but they are coming to you.

NAPC and Relationship Selling

North American Powertrain Components (NAPC) is a Canada-based business. We operate our services from Edmonton, Alberta. We manufacture new and rebuild Transmissions, Front and Rear Differentials, Transfer Cases, Engines, Driveshafts, and more.

Being in this business, we have learnt the importance of connecting with the customers. When customers come to us, we are not just focused on selling our service or product. We dedicate our efforts to understand why the customer has come to us. We believe that understanding their specific problem can only allow us to provide them with the effective solutions.

It is important to state that each customer has different problems. Therefore, when we develop a relationship of trust with them, it allows us to tailor our service in order to meet their specific demand. This also ensures that each customer is given a consistent treatment, and is advised on the best method or products to correct their problem.

Benefits of Relationship Selling

The benefits of relationship selling can be understood if you compare this method to the traditional methods. Most people have a common image of the salesperson in their heads. The one where you imagine them wearing a boring suit or having the tone that is either too bland or just over enthusiastic. It is a common belief that a salesperson is often dedicated to selling the product. They hardly focus on the fact if the customer is interested or if they need the product.

Here is how relationship selling is different from traditional selling:


Unlike traditional selling, relationship selling is not just about driving sales. It is about making the customer comfortable into making the purchase. This means that if you are selling a car, your duty as a salesperson also included providing assistance, advice and counselling. It is about making the best deal; one that benefits both the brand and the customer.


Sales planning is an essential part of relationship selling. Sales planning includes that you are prepared for when you meet the customers. For example, if you are selling cars, you should be aware of the benefits of each car. Most salespeople are aware of what they are selling but what they speak sounds like a written speech or boring sales pitch. You need to make it interesting. Present it in a way that makes the customer listen to you and not just to move over.

Beyond the Sale

A salesperson job, traditionally, revolves around closing a certain sale. Relationship selling breaks this norm by making sure that the entire customer experience is satisfactory and it is not just about putting the product in the hands of the customer. The process of customer relationship actually begins beyond the sale.

What We Do at NAPC?

At NAPC Canada, we believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers. For us, earning their trust is essential. We work beyond the sale to ensure that customer experience satisfaction at every stage of the purchase. Whether we are providing a Heavy Hauler Transmission, Differential, Transfer Cases or other products, the trust of the customer on our ability to help is important to us.

Customer problem solving is faced by us on a daily basis, this is not possible if we don’t engage with them and make them feel comfortable. It is one of the reasons why we have clients that prefer us over the competition. NAPC & The Heavy Hauler is excelling on the trust of its clients. Therefore, we keep improving our relationships & our Products so that this trust can be retained.

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